Vildersbøll ceramics is created out of passion for form and function.

The product design is minimalistic, with clean lines and tight curves. Each product is created with an eye for detail and focus on function.

Every product is carefully crafted by hand in the studio in Copenhagen by the designer Kristina Vildersbøll.

This is done out of the belief that if design and craft work closely together, it creates vivid, long lasting products that continue to bring joy and pleasure in everyday life.

Kristina is deeply passionate about investigating how art and design meet.

Even though the products are made for everyday use, her designs tend to contain elements of sculpture. Thus, when they are stacked, new shapes occur.

All products are cast in stoneware or porcelain casting slip.

The process of working with liquid clay and plaster molds takes precision and patience, but it allows you to create products that are both delicate and durable.

Kristina Vildersbøll graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design with a master in ceramics in 2011.

After graduation she was trained in ceramic production at Ditte Fischer Copenhagen.

Her work with a sculptural stacking system of bowls was in 2014 selected to be a part of Danish Crafts Collection 18.

The same year she opened her studio at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen where every product is developed and produced.